Posted on May 21, 2019

Southern Cross Solar Renewables

Moruya Golf Club, after a long process, is finally getting their solar system installed.
75Kwp of solar modules and Enphase Micro inverters, all locally supplied and installed, will be generating in excess of 133,000KwHrs of clean, green energy per year!
An in depth analysis, utilising Time Interval Data supplied by the clubs retailer and state of the art solar mapping technology by SunnyAfternoons, identified the business case for the solar array.
The system will reduce the clubs dependence on the electricity network by 36%, saving the club a whopping $18,000 in the first year!
The use of micro inverters provide increased system yield from the limited roof space, module level monitoring for system measurement and verification and ensuring return on investment.
It has been a pleasure being involved with this project, and we look forward to providing this service to other businesses in the near future.
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